Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Sid Dickens Scrapbook

This is my generic Sid Dickens Scrapbook. I say generic because it's a simple binder with printed photo pages and particularly short on pizzazz! I started it almost two years ago after receiving my first tile. It originally started out as just a way of keeping track of my inventory. Now I want it to be so much more! I plan to completely redo it by using 3-d scrapbooking techniques and the typical scrapbooking embellishments. Finding the time to do this is one thing. Actually making one so unique would have to make me a true Sid addict for sure!
Currently in this book I keep my inventory list, pictures of my displays, sample pictures of other collector’s displays and information on how to obtain SID SAVERS for hanging the tiles.
If I remember I take this with me when we visit Sid retailers. It's a good conversation piece when discussing the blocks with the sales associates and store guests who I find admiring the tiles on display.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sid DIckens "Bird In Flight"

T118 Garden of Light Spring 2003 Collection.

I fell in love with this tile the first moment I saw it. It reminded me of something I wrote more than a decade ago.

"When I leave this earth" was the very first journal entry I wrote in my "When I Die" book. In this book I list who I want my "special" things to be passed onto when I leave this earth and go the the glorious heavens above. `

When I leave this earth...
When I spread my wings and fly to the heavens above,
May all my worldly possessions be kept with love.
For all those whom I've loved,
I leave my most cherished belongings.
May you keep them forever and close to your heart
And please remember me always.

Written By Susan Christine Naso
My mother, Susan Christine (Mazzeo Naso) Enzor is to receive this tile when I enter into God's gracious land. I am dedicating this tile in the memory of her mother, my grandmother, Irene Estelle Mazzeo who first started this passed on tradition of the "When I Die" book.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sid Dickens In My Home

Below are some of the displays I have in my home.

The Home Shield Block was hung inside an empty glassless picture frame. I currently have this hung in my office / craft room.

The Silver Queen, Heart with Crown, and Silver King are hung above my bed. This was my very first Sid Dicken's display and also one of my favorites! The center tile "Play The Game of Love" was my very first tile in my collection. (given to me by my lover)

The last display is in my living room. 6 tiles to the left of the mirror and one tile off to the far right top corner.


Sids & Sushi

This morning my lover and I traveled to Chagrin Falls to one of my favorite Sid Dicken's retailers, We couldn't leave without getting at least one new tile to add to our collection. After today's purchase we now have 39 tiles in all! The one we brought home today is called "Amour" (Telling of a siege committed by love) from the new fall 2008 "Tatoo" collection. I just LOVE it! After our Sid's shopping spree we stopped off at one of our favorite eateries for sushi! Sid's and sushi all in one day!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Discovery of Sid Dickens Summer 2006

In the summer of 2006, while on a date with my lover, I discovered the Sid Dickens Memory Blocks at a store front in downtown Chagrin Falls, Ohio.
I had never heard of the artist or seen these tiles before that day. I remember asking the store associate many questions about who Sid Dickens was, where he was from and all about his art work. I probably spent close to an hour gazing at the displayed tiles in the gift shop.
Unfortunately, I did not purchase one that day and on the ride home I daydreamed about going back very soon to buy one or two.
Ever since that day I have desired to start collecting them. I became obsessed with and any website that showcased his tiles. I found myself doing daily eBay and Google searches of Sid Dickens just to see if there was anything new. I will admit I still do that now two years later.
I wasn't able to return to the store to make my first purchase. I started to think I would never get my collection started! Then to my surprise and shock on Christmas Eve my lover surprised me with two blocks to start my collection. The tiles were T66 and T01 which he purchased in Medina, Ohio at a store closer than the one we visited last summer in Chagrin Falls.
I am anxious to obtain more tiles and learn all there is to know about collecting them. As an amateur Sid Dickens collector, I am hoping to acquire some helpful Knowledge from the skilled collectors of the message boards I visit... and . I have made many online freinds in the US, Austrailia, New Zeland and Canada through these two sites. Some have been collecting sids for way many mores years than I have but there are some newbies like myself on there to chat with as well!
As of October 11, 2008, I have a total of 39 in my collection!