Monday, October 27, 2008

Sid DIckens "Bird In Flight"

T118 Garden of Light Spring 2003 Collection.

I fell in love with this tile the first moment I saw it. It reminded me of something I wrote more than a decade ago.

"When I leave this earth" was the very first journal entry I wrote in my "When I Die" book. In this book I list who I want my "special" things to be passed onto when I leave this earth and go the the glorious heavens above. `

When I leave this earth...
When I spread my wings and fly to the heavens above,
May all my worldly possessions be kept with love.
For all those whom I've loved,
I leave my most cherished belongings.
May you keep them forever and close to your heart
And please remember me always.

Written By Susan Christine Naso
My mother, Susan Christine (Mazzeo Naso) Enzor is to receive this tile when I enter into God's gracious land. I am dedicating this tile in the memory of her mother, my grandmother, Irene Estelle Mazzeo who first started this passed on tradition of the "When I Die" book.


*The Beautiful Life* said...

That poem is just incredible. Truly. I thinking you must have quite a lot inside your heart that needs to be written... I'll look forward to reading... :)

Free2BeMe350z said...

Thank you for your kind words! I love to write... if you have time please read this I wrote about my son...