Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sid Dickens Contest Winner!

The site creator and administrator of hosted a contest where they gave away six Sid Dickens Blocks.
I was one of the lucky six winners!

The contest rules were easy:
CONTEST RULES... Each person that can find, and post, a different video showing Sid Dickens will get a FREE Sid Dickens Memory Block from me. Videos must be from a TV Show, Commercial, News Station, etc.. No home or business videos for the contest..

Below is my entry that gave me the win!
I just made the cut as I was the last winner of the contest!
(This was from the show Intervention on A&E)
(Click on the pictures to view larger images if you can't read the text)


KC Mom said...

Yeah!!!! Congrats!!! Nothing better than a FREE sid dickens!!!

Boosalis Bloggle said...

Congratulations!!! =)

Free2BeMe350z said...

Thank you, Thank you! I am very excited about this!

It's Daddies. Plural. said...

C O N G R A T S !!!

Jen said...

So funny... I was just searching for some interesting ways to display my Sid Dickens tile collection and was very surprised to see that my tiles (on my family's episode of Intervention) won your contest! You have some beautiful displays!

Free2BeMe350z said...

Hi Jen! I don't know how to respond back to you privatly. If this post is bothersome to you I can delete it. Please let me know. Will you email me?