Sunday, October 18, 2009

Newest Grouping of Sid Dickens

We got the newest tile hung yesterday. I am not positive about the looks of this grouping but, for now the three tiles will stay together. Nexus is the newest tile pictured on top. It's from the fall 2009 Enchantment collection. Storybook is in the center. It came from the 2007 spring Fabel collection. On the bottom is Musica. (Joe's least favorite) This tile came form the Spring 2002 Seduction of Color collection. I love all three tiles but, I am just not crazy about them displayed together. I may do some switching of tiles from my bedroom collection. I need to add my complete bedroom and office displays at some point to my blog. They are actually my favorite groupings but, the pictures I have taken just don't look all that great. I currently have 11 tiles in my office, 20 in my bedroom and 14 in my livingroom.


Daniel Skinner said...

I wonder if you place Musica in the middle of the two if that would distribute the color palate a little more evenly?

Free2BeMe350z said...

I am just now seeing this post from you Daniel. I will try your idea, thanks!